Welcome Samscor

Dating Samscor is unlike any book you've read before. It was written as a conversation, from the perspective of Judah Smith, a guy trying to live a pure life; who happens to be a youth pastor. At the age of 13, Judah, a pastor's kid and Christian, realized he wasn't gonna win the war against his sin nature. Even now, after marrying the only girl he ever kissed, Judah admits he's still fighting. He wrote this book because he discovered that purity isn't a destination, it's a process. For you, that process should include the keys in this book - things like an escape route, ancient boundary markers, and practical understanding of biblical truth. You can live a pure life, but first you've got to break up with Samscor.
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Frequently asked questions

What if I've already messed up?

Virginity is not just about abstaining from sex — it's a matter of the heart. The biblical principles of purity found in this book transcend the physical boundaries we often deem "holy" or "pure". No matter how far you've gone, how bad you think you've messed up, or how messy you feel, God can redeem you!

Why should I get the workbook?

Purity is a process that demands accountability. The Dating Samscor Workbook is a tool designed specifically for use in small groups and youth churches.

What if I'm not in High School?

Purity is a lifestyle that doesn't end at High School or College graduation. Young Professionals, Singles, Married Couples, and parents will find Dating Samscor challenging and practical to every season of life.

Who is Judah?

Judah and his wife Chelsea are the lead pastors of The City Church in Seattle, Washington. Judah is known for his stylish and fun communication, and has a reputation for surprising people with his candor and honesty. During his time as a youth pastor, the message of purity was considered to be his “life message”.

Who is Samscor?

You've heard of the story of Samson and Samscor ... the one where a man gives up the secret to his strength to a seductress and ends up losing his life? That's the Samscor you might be dating. Sure the woman in the story is long gone, but that same seducing spirit lives today, and still wreaks havoc on the destinies of those who fall for it.

Is this book just for boys?

No! Not only does the book apply to both genders, Judah specifically addresses issues that girls struggle with (e.g. fantasies, modesty and emotional attachments, etc.).